Invest In Solar Systems To Save Money And The Environment

Generate electricity without any fuel consumption and with fewer carbon emissions. Solar helps for better environment and economic cycles.

Solar Power

IRG Power Providing Long Term Financial Benefits

Solar systems are a one-time investment plan saving you from monthly electricity bills.

It is also a permanent money-generating formula for your home. We are providing customers with customized residential and business solar plans as per your requirement. Moreover solar is a clean form of energy with other incentives as well.

Why Choose Us

IRG Power is making sure that the customers get long-term approaches to save money.

IRG Power is making sure that the customers get long-term approaches to save money.


Solar panels are a one-time investment making them a better option. Apart from saving money on electricity bills, consumers can save extra money by using solar renewable energy credits.


Moreover, the federal government is also providing solar consumers a 26% income tax credit. This will be applied to the total cost of the solar system along with additional rebates.


Apart from other incentives, the solar panel manufacturers are providing 25 years of warranty to the customers. With advanced technology, solar components can last up to 20 years.

Secure Investment

Electricity bills are increasing with the passage of time. If you are using solar systems then your dependence on the electric supplier will be minimized making the increase irrelevant.


Why Choohse us

Self Sufficient Homes With Zero Upfront Cost

With solar systems, you will be self-independent as the sun will be generating power for your home. Moreover solar is a clean and reliable source of energy. It is easy to install along with saving money on your monthly bills. Solar also adds value to your property. If the measurements for the solar system are accurate then you can go for 0 energy consumption. With us enjoy

  • Solar Heating Pools
  • Residential Solar Services
  • Commercial solar plans
Solar Power